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2 Tips About Pre-Season Air Conditioning Service In Phoenix


When the thermometer rises above 80 degrees, you'd want to feel comfortable about turning on the AC – right? Believe it or not, many people are in the unfortunate situation where they need to contact air conditioning contractors in Phoenix to repair their systems up and running. But an easy solution to this common problem is having pre-season air conditioner service in Phoenix completed – before the temps get too hot. Here are 2 tips that will help you become a bit more proactive about your routine service and reduce the chances of scheduling Phoenix air conditioning repair. Read More

When Is The Best Time of Year for Air Conditioner Installation in Phoenix Arizona?


There is something to be said about being proactive in all phases of home ownership. Whether it's fertilizing the grass before spring or trying to figure out how to keep air conditioner installation cost minimal, the fact is that in order to produce quality results – we often have to find the best time to schedule household duties. This process is exceptionally critical when it comes to finding the best time of year to complete your air conditioner installation in Phoenix. In fact, there are times during the year where HVAC contractors will discount or offer better installation deals in Phoenix. Here are some tips that will help you determine when the best time of year is best to replace your older AC unit with a new system. Read More

Most Frequently Purchased Heating Systems in Phoenix Arizona


If you had to guess which type of heating system in Phoenix is replaced more frequently than others – which one would you choose? Would you choose a heat-pump  perhaps, maybe central heat or a furnace unit? The truth is that each of these types of heating systems can last a very long time – or they can break down very soon. There are many contributing factors to extending the life of your heating systems in Phoenix – and there are just as many benefits to each specific type of system. Here are some of the most efficient heating systems in Phoenix that home owners are choosing to install. Read More

3 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Trane Furnace In Phoenix AZ


Raise your hand if you love calling your local heating contractor in Phoenix to repair a broken down furnace. It shouldn't be shocking to learn that there are probably no hands in the air, as the time, stress, and money involved in repairing a Trane furnace in Phoenix can all add up. But did you know that according to most Trane furnace reviews – taking time to activate a routine maintenance program will reduce the chance of part failure by up to 95 percent? Here are some of the items that would be included in Trane furnace service program offered by professional Heating Contractors in Phoenix. Read More

Biggest Myths About Furnace Repair In Phoenix


Contrary to what we might believe – not everything printed on the internet is true. Such is the case with several of the common myths about having furnace repair in Phoenix completed during the winter months. And although Obi Wan Kenobi was right in saying that "You'll find out that many of the truth's we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view," in Return of the Jedi – the fact is that regardless of our opinions – getting your furnace repaired or serviced in Phoenix is much easier and cost-effective than you may have been told. Here are some of the biggest myths about Furnace repair, furnace repair cost and other typical hesitations that might exist when you're looking to have your heating system fixed in Phoenix. Read More

What HVAC Brands Offer A High Efficiency Furnace For Phoenix?


One of the best ways to save money each month is finding ways to reduce the resources we consume. Whether it's choosing to eat in as opposed to dining out – or saving energy by running the dishwasher mid-day, most Arizona residents actively are concerned about integrating efficiency into their daily lives. This includes the search for a high efficiency furnace for Phoenix homes. For the most part, every new furnace that is manufactured and sold in Phoenix is more efficient than older systems. However, there are some brands that go above and beyond to provide better value than others. Here are a few brands that based on most high efficiency furnace reviews go the extra mile for their customers in search for efficiency. Read More

How Do Air Purifiers Clean The Air In Phoenix Homes?


One of the hottest topics these days in overall health and wellness is trying to find affordable ways to improve indoor air quality. There are several reasons for this; one of the most popular methods to remove harmful particles is by using an air purification system. However, this often leads to the obvious question – do air purifiers work in Phoenix homes? Unfortunately, there is no straight yes or no answer to this question. It can and should be answered by looking into specific reasons for using air purifiers. Let's examine a few. Read More

3 Important Facts About Indoor Air Pollution In Phoenix AZ


If nothing else, the recent discovery of Ebola reaching the shores of the USA has elevated our awareness of finding ways to stay healthy. Although Ebola can be a very deadly disease, the truth is that we are more susceptible to major illness by breathing the air inside our homes daily. The CDC in Atlanta, Georgia estimates that nearly 70% of all homes in America have indoor air quality levels that would be classified as 'poor'. The questions we should be asking is what is causing indoor air pollution in Phoenix and what can be done to reduce poor air quality inside our homes. Here are some indoor air pollution facts and some ways to reduce this growing problem. Read More

Tips On Keeping HVAC Systems in Scottsdale In Great Shape


Whether you own a single-family house or a huge apartment complex; one thing that anybody that has any facility in Arizona needs is a fully-functional HVAC system. There are literally thousands of different types, brands, makes, models of HVAC systems in Scottsdale and surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun. However, there are three simple things that anybody can personally do to make sure their system runs strong around the clock. Read More

Find the Best Heating and Cooling Contractors in Cave Creek


If you have a heating unit that is making a funny sound or a cooling system that doesn't keep your home cool – it's likely that you've got an HVAC problem. However, with so many heating and cooling contractors in Cave Creek to choose from – how and where to do you begin the search? Not to mention, once you narrow your list down to a few good contractors – how can you tell if they are the best people for the job; especially if you need to buy a new system? Fortunately, there are three simple things you can do to make sure that any Cave Creek HVAC company is looking out for your best interests and not their own pocketbook. Read More