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What to Do with a Water Heater Leak?

What to Do with a Water Heater Leak?


A water heater leak can cause serious damage if not fixed quickly. Water damage to floors, walls, furnishings, and personal items is a real possibility. Condensation on the outer tank surface can sometimes look like a leak, so it’s critical to investigate the issue. After all, a water heater… Read More

What Does a Heat Pump Do?

What Does a Heat Pump Do?


  A heat pump moves heat from one location to another, instead of creating warmer or cooler air like other HVAC systems. According to, it may use about 50% less electricity than a furnace or baseboard heater. If the temperature in your region rarely drops below freezing,… Read More

How Long Do Furnaces Last?

How Long Do Furnaces Last?


Customers often ask, “How long do furnaces last?” when purchasing a system or if they need repairs. There’s no exact answer. A gas furnace is said to have a 15-to-20-year lifespan. However, some people claim to have kept their furnace going for 30 years! There’s no expiration date to… Read More

Defining the Parts of a Toilet

Defining the Parts of a Toilet


The toilet is one of the most essential fixtures in your home. It’s something we all use and is simple for anyone to operate. When it is working fine, you probably don’t think too much about how it works. But knowing the parts of a toilet and how they… Read More

Summer’s Coming: 5 Tips to Prepare Your AC System


Things in Phoenix are already heating up, and summer will be in full swing before you know it. It’s no secret that several months of triple-digit temperatures can be hard on your air conditioner, but with some careful preparation, you can keep your system running smoothly all summer long. Here… Read More

4 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner


As the days get longer and the temperatures get higher, your air conditioner becomes one of the most essential appliances in your home. A well-running, efficient air conditioner can make the summer much easier to handle. But, when parts start failing and problems start popping up, you may be left… Read More

What Happens When You Skip AC Maintenance?


By now, we’re sure you’ve heard countless HVAC professionals stress the importance of having your air conditioner maintained annually. It’s widely considered to be one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of the system, and to help you avoid the costs of a major repair. Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Air Purifiers


Take a deep breath—does the air in your home leave you feeling stuffy or sneezy? Pollutants can wreak havoc on indoor air quality. That includes everything from dust and pet dander to viruses, bacteria, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Along with bad smells, poor air quality can cause respiratory symptoms… Read More

3 Remedies for Bad Tasting Tap Water


There’s nothing like a tall glass of cold water, but if your tap water leaves a bad taste in your mouth, potentially dangerous contaminants could be to blame. According to the City of Phoenix, contaminants that may be found in source water include microbes (like viruses… Read More

Running out of Hot Water? Here’s 5 Reasons Why


There are few things more frustrating than running out of hot water when you need it most. If this is a common occurrence in your home, you don’t have to cope with cold showers forever. Your water heater is one of your home’s most important appliances, but when things go… Read More