3 Best Central AC Units for Phoenix Homeowners

Best central AC unitsWhen residing in the sweltering heat of Phoenix, it is of vital importance to own an effective, energy-efficient cooling system for comfortable indoor living. As a homeowner, you may then ask, what are the best central AC units for my home? There are a multitude of Phoenix central air systems to choose from, and this article can help you make an informed decision.

Trane AC Unit Qualities

Trane receives above-average reviews on reliability from homeowners and industry experts. Many Trane models are modulating, which improves their cost-efficiency. The units operate at low capacity for the majority of the time, reducing the noise output and energy usage of the unit.

Trane models also come with ComfortLink II technology. ComfortLink II allows each component of the central AC system to communicate with one another to improve efficiency and overall performance. The technology also lets the homeowner control the system through a smartphone app.

The warranty for Trane models is 10 years, though the compressors are actually covered for 12 years. Despite the warranty coverage, many owners report difficulty in receiving their warranty payout from Trane.

Lennox AC Unit Qualities

Like Trane, Lennox also receives positive reviews for reliability. Lennox models rank highly in energy efficiency, with the Dave Lennox Signature XC25 rated at 26 SEER. Some Lennox models are equipped with SunSource solar-power capabilities, so solar panels can be installed to help power the AC unit.

Many Lennox models come with iComfort Technology, similar to the ComfortLink II technology found in Trane models. iComfort Technology allows the owner to alter system and temperature settings from the convenience of their smartphone.

Lennox offers a 10-year warranty on internal components and the compressor. Unlike Trane, Lennox also offers a 20-year/Limited Lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger of certain models.

Lennox is entirely proprietary and does not have the same access to extensive supply chains as Trane and Rheem. This means Lennox replacement parts can be hard to obtain, and some customers wait weeks for new parts. Many Trane and Rheem units can be repaired on the same day as a break-down, but if a Lennox unit needs a new part, the repair can be delayed for an extended time. Further, Lennox units can be $1,000 to $2000 more expensive than their counterparts from Rheem and Trane.

Rheem AC Unit Qualities

Like Lennox, Rheem units typically have Energy Star ratings with comparatively good energy efficiencies. Rheem models rely on two-stage compressors, which allow for greater energy conservation. Sound blankets are used to cover the compressors and reduce noise pollution.

Rheem installs on-board diagnostics systems on their units. These systems detect and catalogue potential break-downs, allowing maintenance technicians to prevent problems and repair damages faster.

Certain Rheem models use an ozone-friendly refrigerant. This refrigerant doesn’t cause the same atmospheric damage as the refrigerants used in other brands of AC units.

Though Rheem can tap into national supply chains, some Rheem parts are proprietary and necessitate buying the part directly from a Rheem dealer. This setup poses the same problem, though to a lesser degree, encountered with replacing Lennox parts.

Once you’ve made a decision on the best central AC unit for your home, the next step is to contact a Phoenix central air conditioner installation company, and you’ll be well on your way to a cool, comfortable home!


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