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AC Repair in Arizona

Having a functioning AC unit is mandatory here in Arizona. If your Air Conditioner isn’t working, give Hay’s Cooling and Heating a call and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Having a broken air conditioner in Arizona can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. We understand this and we are standing by to help get you and your home comfortable again… and maybe even save you some money on your utility bills! Our specialty is Air Conditioning Repair in Arizona and we do it better than anyone else! -Read Our Testimonials…


AC Maintenance Plans

Maintaining your A/C equipment is important to the lifespan of your Cooling & Heating systems in Arizona. We can perform inspections and testing of your system to ensure that it is ready for each season. We also offer a money saving Annual Preventative Maintenance contract for your peace of mind. This is a great way to keep your AC Unit working all year and especially during the Arizona summer heat.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation

The Best AC Installation Company in Arizona!

Hay’s Cooling and Heating installs all major brands of air conditioners. If your Air Conditioner is Broken, or it’s just time for a new one, let us consult you on The Best Air Conditioning System for Arizona and your specific home. New systems today run so efficiently, you might be surprised by how much money you save on your utility bills.


We Service, Repair & Install All Major AC Systems

Ever wonder what is the best air conditioning system for the Arizona heat?

What is the best air conditioner for the arizona heat?


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