Air Scrubber Review: A Great Asset For Complete Indoor Comfort

Air Scrubber ReviewIt’s common for Phoenix area homeowners to find creative and affordable ways of increasing indoor comfort. But when was the last time that you heard of a device that truly ‘scrubbed’ the air that you breathe daily? This is just one of the cool features of the Air Scrubber Plus a new full-service indoor comfort system that is beginning to pop up in several Phoenix Valley homes and office locations. When you read most Air Scrubber review articles posted online, you’ll quickly discover how improved indoor air quality can be achieved for any building that depends on deep cleaning Air Scrubber technology.

A Good Idea For Any Home Or Business In The Dusty Phoenix Valley

First – What Is The Air Scrubber Plus®?

The Air Scrubber Plus® is a relatively new indoor air quality system that is engineered to significantly reduce chemical odors (VOC’s), pollen, air pollutants, mold, dust, odor-causing bacteria and odor caused by pets and cooking.  Manufactured with ActivePure™ Technology, the Air Scrubber Plus freshens, cleans, and purifies the air inside a commercial building, home or office space by using specialized germicidal UV light-wave technology, which is combined with a proprietary catalytic process that establishes enviro-scrubbing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.

Translated into practical language, it basically acts just like an indoor forest by using Mother Nature’s power of converting dirty air into fresh oxygen. And for people that live with any type of respiratory condition this could mean the difference between easy breathing and struggling to breathe.

Second – How Does The Air Scrubber Work?

The Air Scrubber Plus® was designed to be a fully functional indoor air cleaner. This means that the tables, countertops, bathrooms and everything else inside your home (that you touch daily) is much cleaner. The Air Scrubber works best when you use it with air circulation units like HVAC units, AC units, heaters and fans.

Here are the facts on how this system works:

  • • Step One: The air inside your home is circulated through the Air Scrubber
  • • Step Two: ActivePure™ Technology inside the Air Scrubber actually transforms the air into a free-floating ‘air scrubber’
  • • Step Three: The clean and enhanced air scrubbers travel through the ductwork of your building and spread clean air to every corner of the building – basically cleaning everything that air touches.

Third – The Air Scrubber Can Improve Longevity of Other Appliances

Because the Air Scrubber Plus® cleans all the air inside your home, it can help extend the life of your existing indoor HVAC systems. Here is how:

  • • Since this system is designed to trap dust, debris and other particles in the air, it means that there will be less dirty air hitting the HVAC filters.
  • • When the HVAC filters are cleaner, it allows the HVAC unit to run smoother, efficiently and with as little restriction as possible. Plus, it also means that air circulating inside the HVAC system is cleaner meaning free of toxins that can dry out rubber, lubricants and other items that are critical to the overall function of any HVAC unit.

After reading Air Scrubber reviews, you can understand why the Air Scrubber is a tremendous option for Arizona home and business owners to consider. Not only does this complete home comfort system help improve the air you breathe, but it can also significantly improve the quality of life for those that struggle with COPD, Chronic Asthma and other Bronchial conditions.

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