How Do Air Purifiers Clean The Air In Phoenix Homes?

do air purifiers work

One of the hottest topics these days in overall health and wellness is trying to find affordable ways to improve indoor air quality. There are several reasons for this; one of the most popular methods to remove harmful particles is by using an air purification system. However, this often leads to the obvious question – do air purifiers work in Phoenix homes?

Unfortunately, there is no straight yes or no answer to this question. It can and should be answered by looking into specific reasons for using air purifiers. Let’s examine a few.

Question #1 – Do Air Purifiers Work For Pet Odor?

One of the biggest reasons that people want to get an air purifier is to remove odor from their homes left by pets. There are some air purification systems that work quite well in removing pet odors – and some that are not so great. The key is to find an air purifier that has the ability to filter microscopic particles – as pet odor is often very tiny and needs to be scrubbed by an air purification system that has the ability to clean the smallest amount of air.

Question #2 – Do Air Purifiers Work For Dust?

Most air purifiers work very well in removing dust particles. However, nothing beats a good old-fashioned weekly dusting of your home to reduce the amount of duct that the air purifier has to remove. It’s quite common for people that buy air purification systems to notice a significantly reduced amount of dust inside their homes. But the key to keeping them clean is to replace your air purifier filters frequently and staying on top of routine home cleaning.

Question #3 – Do Air Purifiers Work For Allergies?

This is one area that most air purifiers do exceptionally well. Most allergies are triggered by small dust particles such as pollen. When we breathe pollen in – it causes a reaction inside our respiratory system leading to clogged sinuses, stuffed noses and simply feeling awful. A good quality air purification system however is very good about removing small particles that cause havoc to most allergy sufferers.

Question #4 – How Do Air Purifiers Work?

There are several different types of air purifiers such as:

Each type of filter has its own unique way of removing harmful bacteria, particles or other items from the air we breathe – without negatively impacting the quality of the air. As with any mechanical system, some units are best for removing different types of poor air quality. The best way to find a great air purification system is to contact a dependable heating and cooling contractors in Phoenix that has experience selling and installing all types of air purification systems. They’ll steer you in the right direction.

Keep your family healthy and save by improving the indoor air quality in your home. To learn more about taking the right next step, give Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing a call at (602) 661-9350 today!


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