Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Water Indoors [5 Reasons]

air conditioning unit leaking waterIt is the time of year when everyone’s air conditioner unit is running overtime. Keeping your home cool in the summer is a full-time job, and under those conditions, it is possible that something can go wrong with your unit, leaking water into your home. If you do not catch and fix these leaks as soon as possible, it can result in serious damage to your home. If you notice an air conditioning unit leaking water, read on to learn five possible causes, and find out how an expert technician can fix it.

Avoid the Deep Freeze

One of the biggest reasons for a leaky air conditioner is a frozen AC unit. Several different issues can cause an air conditioner to freeze, but no matter the reason, ice on an air conditioner equals water in your home. If you notice water accumulating around your air conditioning unit and leaking into your home, you should check the inside of the unit for ice build-up. Ice accumulation—and its inevitable melting—could easily be the cause of water leaking into your home. However, it is important that you do not try to remove the ice yourself, as this can cause serious damage to your unit if done incorrectly.

Top Off Your Refrigerant

One of the main issues that can cause an AC unit to freeze is a low refrigerant level, which means this is also one of the reasons for water leaking into your home. If your refrigerant level gets too low, it can wreak havoc in your HVAC system, including allowing the unit to freeze and causing extreme water leakage. Make sure to check your air conditioner’s refrigerant level and top it off if it seems low. Not only will this make sure your unit runs smoothly, but it will also go a long way towards preventing water leaks.

Watch Out for Condensation

In the same way that a glass of ice water sweats in warm weather, water leakage can be caused by AC unit condensation. Most typically, this condensation is the result of improperly insulated ducts—an issue that stems from poor installation techniques. Should you find excess condensation on your AC unit or in your ducts, you should make sure to contact an air conditioning professional to address the issue.

Clear or Connect Your Drain Line

Through the course of regular operation, your AC unit will build up moisture, which is why every unit comes equipped with a drain line. When you are experiencing water leakage from your AC unit, it is possible that there is a problem with your drain line. Inspect your air conditioner, looking for either a clogged drain line or a disconnected drain line. Either of these conditions could be allowing the excess moisture from your air conditioner to leak into your home. 

Search for Your Missing Drain Pan

The last thing you should look for in pursuit of your air conditioner’s leak is your unit’s drain pan. Your drain pan sits under your unit and collects any water that drips off. However, if your drain pan is missing, then the water will instead puddle and leak into your home. Fortunately, a missing drain pan is easily fixed, especially when you work with an air conditioning professional.

Consult a Repair Technician

If you have thoroughly examined your air conditioner and still cannot find the source of the water leak, then it is time to contact a professional to have it repaired. Phoenix AZ air conditioner repair technicians will be able to perform a maintenance check of your air conditioner, locate the leak and fix it in the most expedient manner possible.


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