What Do You Get From an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

what do you get from an air conditioning tune upAs summer approaches and the temperatures steadily rise it comes time to consider what to do about the AC unit.

The short answer? Get it maintained and get an air conditioning tune-up. EnergyStar reports that 15% of a system’s efficiency can be eaten by maladjusted components. That is a lot of money to burn on power. compiled a handy infographic showing the net costs of air conditioning through a year. Nearly $11 billion is spent on energy bills!

Get ahead of the energy savings curve and keep your self and your family cool this year by getting your AC and home cooling systems serviced and checked on.

Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

There is no time like now, let’s get right into the simple, but effective benefits of an air conditioning tune-up.

These benefits don’t just help your wallet, but the longevity of your home and the comfort of your family.

Stronger Airflow

Nothing feels quite as sad as standing in front of an air vent, cranking the cooler and then feeling a tiny trickle of air. A trickle you might even think you are imagining.

Getting a system maintained and tuned-up gives you that full-force feeling you crave. Service centers in hot zones know to keep this feature priority.

Another benefit of stronger airflow relates to cleaning. Strong airflow removes debris and dust as the system runs, which means less cleaning and longer lifespan of the system itself.

The Right Temperature

Working with a thermostat on a system that hasn’t been serviced in a while is like driving with a broken speedometer. You can guess at what is going on, but sooner or late you will notice it is wrong when trouble comes upon you.

A thermostat benefits from a tune-up by keeping the sensors clean and maintained so that the readings and control remain precise.

Responsive System

Getting the air where it is going quickly means that a system has to run less time to achieve an optimal temperature. This has an effect on costs, but the most pressing reason to get an air condition tune-up can be felt immediately.

Coming home and throwing the switch and feeling cool within seconds, instead of minutes certainly makes an AC unit feel worthwhile.

Lower Costs

With an air conditioning tune-up, your system will work as expected when it is needed. By keeping the vents clean and the valves and seals tight, the air flow works directly with less loss. This translates into lower costs for the same temperatures throughout the home.

An added bonus of a tune-up comes from prevention of wear and tear to internal parts such as wires and fuse connections. These can be corroded over time and require the whole system to be replaced. A tune-up keeps these secured and protected from the leading causes of corrosion and damage.

Stay Cool!

Don’t wait until the dead of summer to give your HVAC system a check-up. You can find quotes and information on local servicing centers. Contact us for a full overview of services and plans.


Are you looking for an affordable AC tune up in Scottsdale? The HVAC experts at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing specialize in AC maintenance and repair!

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