Air Conditioning Replacement Service in Phoenix: Costs & Next Steps

By // 2015.05.05

Air Conditioning Replacement Service in Phoenix If it’s time to replace the old cooling system, there are several options to consider. From how much it will cost for air conditioning replacement service in Phoenix to how to protect that investment from the harsh weather in the desert; many home owners simply get overwhelmed with this entire process. However, when you simplify the process, and stick to the facts, you’ll quickly discover how easy it can be to replace your older cooling system with a new unit.

Let’s examine a few of the facts about AC replacement in Phoenix that will arm you with ease of mind as you prepare to replace your old system.

First – Understand the Costs Involved

The costs associated with new air conditioning sales and installation can vary significantly based on three specific details:

  • Where you buy the AC system
  • What type of property you have
  • What type of AC unit you purchase

If you purchase your cooling unit from a retail location, you’ll most likely have to also pay for extended warranties, professional installation and pay somebody to service the system. Depending on your property type – whether you’re ‘on the grid’ or your home is in a remote location, you’ll also pay for specialized installation services typically.

However, when you work with a professional company that offers AC Installation in Phoenix, it’s very typical that they will roll everything into one, easy to afford price. Not only will they offer you factory direct warranties on your new HVAC system, but they also provide you with service packages that will protect your investment for several years.

Second – Make Sure to Sign Up for a Service Program

When you make the smart decision to work with a local HVAC Company to buy and install your new cooling system, you’ll quickly discover the price savings and reduced stress associated with this type of buying process. However, the smartest thing you can do after the purchase and installation is to set up a routine maintenance schedule.

There are a few things that you should always complete every years including:
  • Changing your indoor filters every month. This will help to improve indoor air quality and also can save you money on utility bills every month.
  • Have your cooling and heating system professionally inspected and serviced semi-annually.
  • Have the ductwork of your home inspected and repaired for leaks on a yearly basis.

Many of the best Phoenix air conditioning contractors offer full-service programs that will do all of the above for you – for a low annual fee. They’ll make sure everything is running in tip-top condition, replace any worn out parts and make sure your system does not show signs of premature wear and tear. With our aggressive weather patterns here in Phoenix, having peace of mind knowing the professionals are there to keep your unit running strong is critical.

When it comes down to simplicity, air conditioning replacement service in Phoenix is simple when you work with a dependable local contractor. Not only will they ensure you get the most economically smart cooling system for your home, but they have the experience to install it correctly and keep it running for a very long time.


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