3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Contactor Repair in AZ

air conditioning contactor repair in AZAC units can be taken for granted since they often work so seamlessly and most homeowners do not fully understand the ins and outs of how their air conditioner works. Unfortunately, when a problem crops up with your central AC unit, not knowing about your system can make it hard to know what to repair. Even though it is crucial to your unit running properly, most people are unfamiliar with their air conditioner’s contactor. However, a faulty contactor is one of the major causes of a malfunctioning AC unit, which makes it important to know more about a contactor and what it does. Discover three signs that you might need air conditioning contactor repair in AZ and find out why repairs are important.

What Does an Air Conditioning Contactor Do?

Before getting into possible problems with your AC contactor, it is important that you realize how important this part is to your system. Your contactor acts as a sort of relay for electrical signals, receiving information from your thermostat and then using that information to run your system. So, for example, when you turn your thermostat down, the signal is sent to the contactor, which, in turn, sends the signal to start blowing cold air. When the contactor malfunctions, your air conditioner will not receive signals from your thermostat and won’t be able to run properly. Now that you know a little bit about your contactor, it is easy to see how crucial this small part is to your central air system.

How Do I Know When I Need a Contactor Repair?

Air conditioners are very complex machines, making it hard sometimes to discover what the source of your unit’s problem is. However, there three easy ways to tell if you are looking at a problem with your contactor. Firstly, examine your contactor. If it appears as if it has melted to the other parts around it, then this is a clear sign that the contactor itself is the problem. Secondly, if your AC unit constantly runs then it could be because your contactor is not properly receiving and sending signals. Finally, if your AC doesn’t blow cold air, it could be because the contactor is not passing signals on to the air conditioner.

Noticing any of these problems with your air conditioning units are clear signs that your contactor is suffering problems and needs repair or replacement. 

Why is Repair Important?

Many homeowners, because of the cost, sometimes delay repairing their air conditioning unit and try to find alternative solutions to cooling down. When you are looking at a contactor repair , however, it is important to do the repair right away. Ignoring a contactor repair, especially when your air conditioner will not stop running, can lead to very expensive repairs down the line. It is much easier, and smarter, to perform the relatively simple and inexpensive process of repairing your contactor rather than risking further problems down the line. 

Getting Repair Services from an Expert Contractor

If it seems like there is a problem with your AC contactor, there is one perfect solution for getting it fixed: request repair services from Phoenix Arizona air conditioner maintenance technicians. An experienced repair technician should be able to switch out your malfunctioning contactor quickly and easily, so you go back to having reliable air conditioning services throughout the hot Phoenix summer.


Contact the AC repair experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing to get your air conditioner back up and running. Email us or call (602) 661-9350 now!


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