How To Prep Your Air Conditioner Condenser For Spring

By // 2018.02.06

Air Conditioner Condenser For SpringWhile you were huddling inside during one of the coldest winters in recent memory, air conditioning was probably far down on your list of concerns.

But with spring around the corner, we’ll start to once again experience the blazing temperatures Arizonans are familiar with.

As we draw closer to switching from the heater back to the trusty air conditioner, it’s smart to prepare your air conditioner condenser for the busy year ahead. Here’s how to get your unit ready for spring.

Clean the Air Conditioner Condenser

Because your condenser is housed outside, it faces a year-round barrage of filth. Dust, dirt, grass, leaves, pollen, and even small critters can gunk up your condenser unit.

The air conditioning process hinges on air movement. If the passageways of the condenser are clogged with crud, it hurts the efficiency and the health of the unit.

Follow these steps to give your unit a safe and thorough spring cleaning.

Turn Off the Power

You want to make sure the condenser isn’t on to prevent you or the machine from frying. You can turn off the unit by flipping a switch or removing a fuse block, or to be safe you could cut off the power from the main circuit board.

Vacuum Exterior Debris

You’ll then want to vacuum the condenser fins, which are the thin aluminum blades surrounding the unit.

Use a shop vac with a brush attachment and suck up as much debris as possible. Because the fins are fragile, be gentle during this process.

Vacuum Interior Debris

Pop open the top of the condenser to carefully remove the fan. Come through again with the vacuum on the inside. Try to clean up anything that’s settled on the bottom.

Hose the Fins

With a standard garden hose, spray water through the fins going inside-out. This will knock out any debris you missed with the vacuum. Do not use high pressure, as this could damage the fins.

Straighten the Fins

Some of the fins may have bent or twisted over the course of the year or during the cleaning process. Using a blunt knife, straighten the fins out as best as you can.

Tame the Surroundings

For the same reasons you cleaned up debris on the fins and interior of the condenser, you need to clean up the area around the unit. An unobstructed area surrounding the air conditioner condenser is essential for full functionality.

Condensers need around two feet of clearance on all sides. Overgrown shrubs, piles of wood, or yard equipment could be restricting outside air flow into the machine.

Spring is the perfect time to clip back the impeeding plant life and otherwise clean up the condenser’s surroundings.

Get a Check-Up

It’s common for people to go to the doctors for an annual physical or to take the car to the shop for a routine check-up. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your AC?

While some DIY maintenance can increase the efficiency and longevity of your condenser, it helps to bring in the pros and schedule an inspection and tune-up. You might be able to catch any problems before you’re stuck with a busted unit in triple-digit heat.

Looking to get a check-up for your air conditioner condenser in Phoenix or Scottsdale? The Hays Cooling and Heating maintenance program includes a 33-point inspection of your AC unit. Find out how we can help keep you cool in the year to come.


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