7 Common AC Problems for Phoenix Homeowners

Find the best ac repair in Phoeniz AZ when your air conditioner is brokenWhen living in Phoenix, Arizona, you don’t want to be without an air conditioner. The fact is, unfortunately, that sometimes air conditioners break.

Air conditioners consist of many moving parts, so it’s no wonder issues can arise, especially if your AC isn’t properly maintained.

Once you know you’ve got a broken air conditioner, you can contact a professional to get it back up and running again. But first, you’ll have to ask yourself, is your air conditioner broken?

Identifying the problem is the first step. To help, we’ve created this handy guide for you. Here are seven AC problems Phoenix homeowners should be on the lookout for.

1. Leaking Problems

A common issue facing Phoenix homeowners is water leaking from their AC unit. Nobody likes to deal with water leaks since they can lead to other problems. If you notice water leaking, it’s best to seek help from AC specialists as soon as possible.

Water leaks aren’t emergencies, but they can lead to mold growth, so it’s best to stay on top of them. A refrigerant leak is a more serious problem.

A professional will be able to locate the cause of the issue. It may be as simple the drain line being too loose. Unsealed ductwork or a condenser unit that isn’t functioning may also be to blame.

2. No Longer Cooling

An air conditioning unit that’s no longer cooling isn’t much help during an Arizona summer. If your unit is still running but the air isn’t cool, you’ve likely got a problem on your hands.

Several different things may be causing this issue. It could be a broken compressor, refrigerant could be leaking, or your thermostat may be out of calibration.

Whatever the cause is, a professional will be able to locate the issue and get it fixed for you.

There’s no need to worry if your AC unit isn’t cooling your home anymore. It may only require a simple fix. And, it may cost less than you’re expecting, too.

3. Loud Noises

A properly functioning air conditioner shouldn’t make loud noises. If you hear clunking, squealing, grinding, whirring, or other sounds your AC doesn’t usually make, there’s some sort of problem.

Loud noises are a sure sign of a broken air conditioner. Make sure you get your AC checked out if it doesn’t sound right. A belt may have slipped, or a part may need lubrication.

While loud noises may indicate a small problem, you shouldn’t wait to get it fixed. If you wait too long, you may need to replace your entire unit.

4. Broken Thermostat

If your thermostat isn’t working, your AC may not be working. There’s always a chance that the issue is only with the thermostat itself, though, so it pays to investigate the problem further.

Before assuming that the AC isn’t working, ensure the thermostat is working properly. If it is, you may have a problem with the AC.

Your AC and thermostat should control the temperature of your home. If you’re experiencing temperature issues in your home, you may have a broken AC unit.

If your thermostat is working fine, you may have one of the other issues listed in this article.

5. Unreasonable Costs

If your energy bills seem to be through the roof, that may be a sign that your AC has a problem. Your bill may be high due to warmer weather or other changes. If you have reason to think that’s not the case, look into things further.

An air conditioner that isn’t functioning the way that it should can make your bills rise.

If you’ve noticed issues but don’t want to spend the money to fix them, you’ll probably pay for it later. Letting issues linger means your AC has to work harder, which leads to higher costs anyway.

To keep energy bills as low as possible, perform proper maintenance on your AC unit. Promptly fixing any problems that arise will also help.

6. Strange Smells

You may have noticed strange smells throughout your house. If so, they may be coming from your AC system.

Strong smells, like burning rubber, may mean you have a wiring problem. If the air smells musty, there may be mold in the system.

You should look into both of these issues immediately. Mold can lead to health problems and wiring issues may result in a fire.

7. Noticeable Moisture or Humidity

As part of the way it functions, your AC unit pulls moisture from the air. So you shouldn’t be seeing condensation or other signs of moisture in your home.

Any signs of additional moisture are signs that your AC unit may not be working correctly. Air that is noticeably more humid is a sign as well.

Air Conditioner Broken? Get it Fixed Today

A broken air conditioner can feel like the worst thing ever when you’re faced with a long, hot summer. So keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape is the way to go.

If you notice any of the issues in this list, your air conditioner could either be broken or not be working at its peak level. Don’t wait out the summer, thinking that these problems are normal. Get help from a professional so you can enjoy the summer months!

To keep your air conditioner in the best shape possible, don’t forget to perform proper maintenance. Don’t forget a yearly tune-up from a professional!

Is your air conditioner broken? We’d love to fix it for you! Contact us today to schedule a repair.

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