3 Tips To Keep Your Gas Furnace In Phoenix Running Strong

gas furnace in phoenixThere are many homeowners that depend on their gas furnace in Phoenix to work efficiently and smooth during the winter months. Whether you have an older furnace or a new, Energy Star® rated furnace, finding ways to keep your unit running strong while reducing gas furnace repair cost can be tricky. However, when you follow these three tips, you’ll quickly realize that some of the best ways to save money is to start by doing the little things right.

Tip #1 – Always Replace Your Indoor Filters Monthly

Since we live in the desert and high winds are typical – especially in the cooler winter months, staying on top of routine maintenance items like replacing indoor filters is a critical way to reduce the likelihood of having gas furnace repair completed – thus saving you money. The indoor filters are the lungs of the entire HVAC system inside your home. Air is circulated from your home – into your gas heater and then back into the house. And when the filters are dirty, it increases the drag and makes the furnace work harder than it should.

We all know that the best way to reduce damage of any mechanical device is to ensure it runs efficiently. By taking time to replace your indoor filters every month you are taking a proactive step to increase the efficiency of your gas furnace – thus reducing the chances of having mechanical breakdown. But, there are also the benefits of improving indoor air quality and reducing monthly energy bills which also help to improve your overall lifestyle.

Tip #2 – Schedule A Pre-Winter Service On Your Heating System

Another easy way to keep your system running strong is to have professional gas furnace repair service in Phoenix completed by a certified HVAC company. When you work with a licensed and certified HVAC company in Phoenix, you’re going to reduce the potential of mistakes occurring during any routine service. Plus, there are many companies that offer specialized services – such as Trane gas furnace repair. So if you have a Trane furnace, look for a specialist to inspect and service your system before the cold weather arrives.

Having an inspection or service call completed prior to winter will ensure that your heating unit is ready to work efficiently when you need it most. During these inspections and service calls, a gas furnace repair company will take time completely examine all areas of the heating system. This method allows them to diagnose and complete gas furnace repair or replace worn down parts before they cause major damage.

Tip #3 – Have Your Heating Unit Serviced After Winter

Finally, the best way to prepare for the upcoming summer months is to make sure that your gas furnace is professionally maintained and ready for the extreme heat that hits Phoenix. Believe it or not, heat is not the friend of any mechanical device. So taking a proactive step to contact a service company to tune-up and prepare your gas furnace for the summer months can protect the internal components of your system from extreme heat.

These three tips are simple to activate when you work with a dependable gas furnace service company in Phoenix.

If you’re worried about your furnace this winter call the professionals at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing, we’ll send a tech out asap to inspect your furnace! Call (602) 661-9350 today.

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