3 Important Facts About Indoor Air Pollution In Phoenix AZ

Indoor air quality, air purification system, reduce Phoenix allergensIf nothing else, the recent discovery of Ebola reaching the shores of the USA has elevated our awareness of finding ways to stay healthy. Although Ebola can be a very deadly disease, the truth is that we are more susceptible to major illness by breathing the air inside our homes daily. The CDC in Atlanta, Georgia estimates that nearly 70% of all homes in America have indoor air quality levels that would be classified as ‘poor’. The questions we should be asking is what is causing indoor air pollution in Phoenix and what can be done to reduce poor air quality inside our homes.

Here are some indoor air pollution facts and some ways to reduce this growing problem.

Fact #1 – There Are Many Indoor Air Pollution Sources

It’s widely assumed that the only sources of indoor air pollution are windows and doors. The truth however might surprise you. In fact, the leading source of indoor air pollution is the HVAC system that keeps our homes warm in winter and cool during summer. An HVAC system is designed to be a closed-loop system, meaning that air is circulated directly from the home, into the HVAC unit then back into the home. However, along the way, the air passes through filters, ducts and other items that often are contaminated with dirt, dust, debris, bacteria and other particles that lead to poor indoor air quality.

Leaks in the ductwork can also introduce outdoor pollutants into the HVAC system to be spread into the air we breathe inside the house. Other sources of poor indoor air quality can include:

  • Poor insulation in the walls or roofs
  • Poor window and door seals
  • Indoor gas powered appliances

Fact #2 – Lack Of Maintenance Is A Leading Indoor Air Pollution Cause

Another reality that we need to face when it comes to examining of indoor air pollution causes is the routine maintenance we perform on our HVAC systems. As we noted above, two leading sources of poor indoor air quality are dirty filters and dirty ductwork. By taking proactive steps to replace our indoor air filters every month in Arizona, you’ll significantly improve your overall indoor air quality. Going the next step to have your ductwork cleaned annually will also vastly improve the quality of air you breathe inside a home.

Fact #3 – Simple Indoor Air Pollution Solutions Exist

As we indicated above, there are several little things a home owner can do to improve their indoor air quality:

  • Replace indoor HVAC filters every month
  • Clean your ducts on an annual basis – and have them inspected for leaks by an HVAC professional; repaired if any leaks are found
  • Dust and vacuum your home every week. However, make sure you frequently replace your vacuum filters and bags (if you have any) as clogged filters and bags will only circulate the dirt into the air you breathe.
  • Introduce an air filtration system that helps to clean the air running through your HVAC system

Taking proactive steps to reduce indoor air pollution in Phoenix will vastly improve your overall comfort level. However, it can also help improve your quality of life, reduce illness and breathing related medical conditions.

To work with one of the top HVAC companies in Phoenix call Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing  at 602-714-8270. Learn more about how you can improve the indoor air quality in your home or office building.

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